• Who doesn’t love fresh baked pizza and cookies? What brand strategist doesn’t love fresh baked ideas to grow their brand? Bake-N-Make Cookie Kits and Make-N-Bake Pizza Paks for the kid in us ... Make-N-Bake strategy for the smart marketer in all of us ... just preheat to success.

  • Driven for Tandoor Chef Working to achieve the #1 ranking for frozen Indian cuisine is hard ... Maintaining the position even harder. Your marketing needs to be as unique as the flavors and spices you offer.

  • Caring for The Alzheimer's Association All of our success means nothing if we can not give to those in need. We alone can't cure Alzheimer's, but we can use our talents to raise awareness and much needed funds for research.

  • Driven for Rudolph Foods Engaging the consumer with the down-home goodness of pork rinds ... Across the nation, one neighborhood, one football fan at a time, all while helping out a worthy cause.

  • Fun for RMD Advertising We know that to be able to take care of our clients, we must take care of ourselves. Teambuilding goes beyond fun after hour activities. It's a time to relax and replenish. Because what we do outside these four walls helps us inside these four walls.

  • Smart for Bil-Jac Super Premium Dog Food To market the best tasting food around is hard work and takes a special insight to the target market. And how do we know the flavor is superior? Boone, our Director of Stress Management, taste tests it every day.

  • Caring for Wagons Ho Ho Ho When you give it comes back to you 200 fold. Maybe that's why we donated, promoted and built 200 wagons for underprivileged children. Or maybe it was just the right thing to do.

Our Core: Emerging Food Brands

RMD is an advertising, brand strategy, social media and public relations agency that specializes in working with growing and emerging food brands. Located in Columbus, Ohio, we work with clients coast-to-coast, and have the resources to drive results from day one. We're tenacious. We think hard for the food brands we serve and accept nothing less than success.

Our People: Creatively Logical

The greatest asset we offer our clients is our collective team. Smart, driven, strong, caring and fun. Words that embody the strength of RMD. This is a team that addresses our emerging food brands and their challenges with results-oriented solutions. We think hard about how to get the right product into the right consumer's hands, and take Share of Stomach seriously. Our clients rely on it.