How to build a great team, through the
eyes of an SPC

In my first month as a young professional, I have learned so many skills and practices that I could never have learned in a classroom. One of the traits of RMD Advertising I have come to value is the team mentality. RMDers are thoughtful and supportive, are always willing to help, and are there for each other through thick and thin.


Here are three reasons why this kind of teamwork is so important in the workplace and why I’m so happy to be a part of RMD:

1. It Builds Trust: When you work with people who you know have your back, you learn to trust them. Trust is extremely valuable because it means we can work together harmoniously. We are not afraid to state a big idea or try a different approach, because we trust our co-workers to be open-minded and listen.

2. It Creates a Creative Environment: At RMD, we often sit with three or four people in an office although we may not be working on the same project. It’s an easy way to bounce ideas off one another and gain that sort of inspiration that only comes from collaboration! Some of our best ideas come from these kind of group working “sessions”!

3. It Makes Us Better Professionals: When we work as a team, we become the strongest support system we can be for our clients, because being there for them is what we’re all about!

Visit the “Behind the Scenes” at RMD Pinterest Board for a sneak peak at the team!

– Erin, Special Projects Coordinator

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Columbus Advertising Agency Grows with Two Delicious Frozen Food Accounts

S&F Foods and Crunchtables join RMD Advertising’s prestigious list of food clients
COLUMBUS, OH (July 7, 2015)RMD Advertising, an advertising, brand strategy, social media, and public relations agency considered an expert in the food industry, has recently added both S&F Foods and Crunchtables to its roster of blue-chip clients. Under the insightful eye of RMD Advertising, both companies, leaders in their respective categories, will now effectively grow their footprints in the frozen food aisle. This level of success will be accomplished through enhanced social media, public relations and creative expertise. RMD will focus on growing the Crunchtables brand overall while striving to increase sales through their strategic work in the social and digital space. Similarly, RMD will work to grow and launch the S&F Foods brand name in social media, the digital space, and through public relations.

S&F Foods is a Michigan-based manufacturer of proprietary, private label and co-pack brands for retail, institutional and school food services. Crunchtables, a Wisconsin-based brand, presents consumers with delicious crouton and pretzel coated vegetable snacks. Distinguished by what current clients describe as unwavering work ethic and commitment to the food category overall, RMD Advertising is proud to work with these two new clients, proving just how versatile and nimble the agency is in each aspect of the food industry.

“Both S&F Foods and Crunchtables are brands we are honored to help grow,” shares Donn Ditzhazy, Managing Partner of RMD Advertising. “These new additions to the RMD roster of clients are sure to stretch our breadth of experience and further establish the agency’s impact within the industry — while proving our passion for growing such strong brands.”

RMD Advertising’s expertise in the food industry spans more than two decades, giving it the right credentials for such unique clients as S&F Foods and Crunchtables. “With a sales driven mind set and the discipline to follow through on each project they adopt, the RMD Advertising team often attracts growing and emerging food focused clients that are passionate about their future,” notes Ditzhazy. The addition of these two companies to their list of clients is a welcomed challenge to which the agency is eager to apply their extensive knowledge of the food industry. The proof of RMD Advertising’s success is in the way lasting relationships have been built with such brands as Rudolph Foods, Tandoor Chef, Champion Foods, Little Caesars Pizza Kit Fundraising Program, Panera Bread, and Graeter’s Ice Cream. RMD Advertising plans to use its 23 years of experience and its expansive industry knowledge to cultivate strong relationships with both S&F Foods and Crunchtables.


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Celebrate National Junk Food Day with
the RMD Foodies!

When National Junk Food Day comes around on the 21st, team RMD will be armed and ready with our very favorite healthier-for-you indulgences. If you wanna “pig out” but don’t wanna feel, well, like a pig, follow our guide to go-to snacks and desserts.

Tweet: How are you celebrating #NationalJunkFoodDay on the 21st? Sound off!

How are you celebrating #NationalJunkFoodDay on the 21st? Sound off!

1. The Piping Gourmets Whoopie Pies:
The Piping Gourmets Whoopie Pies are allergen-friendly and crafted specifically for gluten-free, dairy-free, Kosher and vegan diets. Bonus! They’re also free of GMOs, trans fats, hydrogenated oil and artificial flavors and colorings. Each All-American Whoopie Pie also boasts rich, indulgent frosting sandwiched by two scrumptious cakes.

2. Graeter’s Low Glycemic Ice Cream:
Butter Pecan recently joined Madagascar Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Chip, and Mint Chocolate Chip in bringing Graeter’s fans an ice cream containing 50% less sugar than their traditional ice cream. Crafted using the distinct sweetness obtained from the monk fruit, each low glycemic ice cream boasts the Graeter’s Ice Cream taste that has garnered a cult following with a Low Glycemic Certification.

3. Wholly Wholesome’s Deep Dish Pizza Bites: This recipe uses Wholly Wholesome’s Gluten Free Pizza Dough to make delicious miniature deep dish pizzas that you can gobble up in one bite. Don’t feel guilty snacking on these little guys … We sure won’t!

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RMD Foodies Celebrate the 4th

If you’re looking for the perfect way to celebrate Independence Day this year, then you’ve come to the right place. RMD is an agency full of foodies … And if you’re not one when you join the team, you soon will be.

We serve each and every one of our clients with passion for advertising, enthusiasm for the brand, and pure love for delicious food!

Tweet: #Celebrate the #4thofJuly with some pizzazz! Here’s how we’ll be partying on #IndependenceDay:

#Celebrate the #4thofJuly with some pizzazz! Here’s how we’ll be partying on #IndependenceDay:

Burgers for all! Whether you’re a carnivore or a veggie lover, stop by the RMD Independence Day festivities for a burger you’ll love. Qrunch, quinoa-based, soy-free burgers are downright delicious … And grill up nicely for a flavorful crunch the gluten-free party goers will crave! Check Qrunch out in the news!

Snack on! In between bites of a your Southwestern Qrunch Burger and sips of refreshing lemonade, snack on our favorite salty snack: Rudolph’s Pork Rinds! There’s no other rind like ’em. See what everyone’s talking about here!

End the night on a sweet note! There’s no doubt that Graeter’s Ice Cream is the only way to end an All-American celebration. Sit back with a cup, a cone … or even the whole pint and enjoy those gorgeous fireworks. Those dreamy chocolate chips in their classic Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream is part of the reason we L.O.V.E this brand! And hey, we’re in the news!

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The cold hard facts about marketing the freezer case

Being an advertising agency that works exclusively in the emerging and growing food category, we feel it’s important to educate – with passion – the love of food marketing. Because the frozen food category is near and dear to our hearts (it’s easy when you work with Qrunch and Tandoor Chef) we  thought you would like to get down to the cold hard facts about the freezer case. Enjoy!

6 reasons to warm up to frozen food with RMD Advertising

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Facts about gluten-free and food marketing.

Periodically, we put our food experience to work so we may educate and hopefully entertain those outside the food industry. As a growing and emerging food ad agency, nothing brings us more joy than someone saying, “mmm, I didn’t know that” or “thanks for reminding me”.  Either way, enjoy!

Going gluten-free in the free market with RMD Advertising

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Hungry for food brand success

We at RMD play many different roles when it comes to helping our clients succeed. Whether through social media and media relations, digital advertising and/or brand strategy, we do what it takes to ensure success. Our very own Alexandra (once again) stepped in to talk on air about one of our favorite clients, Hungry Girl pizza. She does a great job bantering with the morning show talent while making you hunger for some healthy pizza. And dare we say … this girl is hungry for our clients’ success? Ok, a bit too far … enjoy the clip!

Hungry for client's success with Hungry Girl Pizza and RMD advertising

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Cooking up food success

We love food at RMD … and we REALLY love creative deviled eggs and Bloody Mary’s! Pick up a couple of egg tips and try a new recipe or two as one of our clients, Slawsa, uses both with this super innovative condiment. Delicious!

RMD Advertising Slawsa Deviled Eggs And Bloody Marys

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Sue Reninger highlighted in U.S. News and World Report

We work hard for our clientsScreen Shot 2015-05-08 at 5.30.20 PM. In fact, we work so hard (and quietly) that sometimes we forget to pat ourselves on the back for a job well done. So with that said, we’re giving a shout out to our very own smart Sue Reninger for her thoughts in a recent U.S. News and World Report’s article, “Are you a supermarket snob?”. Thanks for making us look so good and our clients even better!

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