Why Radio Earned Media is a Smart Strategy

Edison Research, the well-regarded authority on “share of ear” produced it’s Q4, 2016 findings regarding how Americans consume audio content. Even when pegged against social media powerhouses such as Pandora and Spotify, AM/FM radio still wins out. For Challenger Food Brands that include radio as part of their EARNED media strategy (through an assertive approach to media relations), that’s great news.

Snapchat … Today’s Answer to Millennials and Gen Z?

Is Snapchat the newest, latest and greatest for food brand marketing?  While RMD continues to keep a close eye on this platform for challenger brands, much skepticism abounds …

Recently, Snapchat proudly touted the fact that you can search over one million unique Stories on Snapchat! In addition to their professionally curated Stories, you can watch a local basketball game, check out the scene at your favorite bar, view your favorite Fashion Week shows, get inspired by a faraway place, or simply tap through a Story full of puppies — there’s a Story for everything!

The Value of Culture in the Quest for Inspiring Work

Natural Products Expo West 2017 was a particularly memorable food tradeshow this year. Not only was the size awe-inspiring, but the passion present on the showroom floor made the entire Anaheim Convention Center buzz with energy.


As our RMD team walked from Challenger Food brand booth to booth, we certainly felt it.

This is one event made us pause and realize just how grateful we are to be a part of such an independently unique industry. Keynote speaker Doug Rauch, Co-CEO of Conscious Capitalism, Inc. and Founder & President of the Daily Table, spoke of conscious consumerism inspiration. Is the food industry doing its part to maintain the integrity consumers so desperately desire? Are we, as an industry, doing our part to lead shoppers to better choices, more healthful choices, greener and more sustainable choices? Are we offering consumers goods because we truly believe in their inherent benefit?

It’s now more important than ever that our purpose for selling food be pure. Profit may be our oxygen, but our purpose runs much, much deeper.

For each brand that purpose is different. Perhaps it’s a commitment to connecting shoppers with the nostalgic foods they grew up with and loved. Perhaps it’s delivering an authentic meal and a taste of ethnic cuisine to those who want to experience the world … but have never left their home. Perhaps it’s helping today’s busier-than-ever consumer take a moment for herself and reconnect to what is most important.

Just one bite can take a consumer from shopper to brand lover. And that comes only when a brand’s purpose is broadcasted loud and clear at every point of sale.

What’s your brand’s oxygen? 90,000 attendees at this year’s Expo West will tell you – there’s more to a love brand than money in the pocket. Let your purpose drive your product to new heights and do what this incredible industry does best: serve.

CHOP5 Restaurant Selects RMD to Launch Brand


RMD Advertising, a fully integrated advertising, public relations and brand strategy agency, focusing exclusively on growing and emerging food brands, announces the addition of CHOP5 to its list of established clients. Mixing fast casual dining with innovative, fresh tastes, CHOP5 strives to create delicious and better-for-you food that allows guests to eat without regrets. The expanding restaurant will rely on RMD’s strategic counsel through an increased focus on public relations and social media to raise awareness and knowledge about their brand overall.

CHOP5 prides itself on providing the freshest, healthiest and tastiest locally sourced ingredients. In addition to its commitment to quality food, CHOP5 also plans to make Columbus a heathier community through partnership with relevant and beloved local charities.

“CHOP5 is changing the way we look at eating our vegetables by providing guests with delicious custom salads and excellent service.” said Sue Reninger, Managing Partner of RMD Advertising. “We are thrilled for the addition of this amazing client and look forward to working with their passionate team to continue to fuel their growth.”

Columbus Advertising Agency Grows with Two New Accounts

Keystone Meats & Sam’s Natural Join RMD Advertising’s Roster of Blue Chip Clients

RMD Advertising, an integrated advertising, brand strategy, social media and public relations agency considered to be an expert in the challenger food brand category, is proud to once again announce the addition of two new accounts. Under the insightful eye of RMD Advertising, Keystone Meats, producing high-quality and all-natural canned meats, and Sam’s Natural, producing eco-friendly men’s and women’s care products, will continue to grow awareness and attract consumers while working with an agency equally committed to their growth as challenger brands.
Keystone Meats is a Lima, Ohio-based manufacturer of premium, all-natural canned meats. Sam’s Natural, a New Hampshire-based brand, offers handcrafted, all natural, cruelty-free and vegan men’s and women’s care products – from soap to deodorant to lotion. Distinguished by what current clients describe as unwavering work ethic and commitment to the food category overall, RMD Advertising is proud to work with these two new clients, proving just how versatile and nimble the agency is in each aspect of the CPG category.
“We’re ecstatic to be working with both of these incredible brands,” shares Sue Reninger, Managing Partner of RMD Advertising. “We are passionate about bringing our knowledge of the marketing industry to Keystone Meats and Sam’s Natural, and we look forward to growing the brands throughout their communities.”
RMD Advertising’s expertise in the food industry spans more than two decades, which makes it the ideal agency for such unique clients as Keystone Meats and Sam’s Natural. With a sales driven mindset and the discipline to follow through on each project it adopts, the RMD Advertising team often attracts growing and emerging food brands that are passionate about their future. The proof of the agency’s success is in the way lasting relationships have been built with such brands as Graeter’s Ice Cream, BRAVO | BRIO Restaurant Group, Rudolph Foods and Tandoor Chef. Celebrating its Silver Anniversary this year, the agency will celebrate 25 years of experience and its expansive industry knowledge by cultivating a strong relationship with both brands in an ever-competitive consumer packaged goods industry.

New Year of Possibilities

New Year of Possibilities

The new year always brings us hope and a fresh perspective. Resolutions are often focused on “less”. Hopes of less weight. Hopes of less smoking or perhaps less debt.  Let’s turn this year to “more”. More possibilities, more prosperity and more  joy in our little part of the world. Perhaps the old adage, “less is more” should be changed to “more is more” for the greater good. Happy New You Year.


Donn’s passion for food began while growing up in the culturally diverse city of Detroit. Experiencing the wonderful flavors of the city taught him that there’s more to life than the same old same old. Today, Donn takes that same approach with the creative direction of the agency.


Giving Kids Ho Ho Ho Hope


Wagon Build Day

Nine years ago, RMD Advertising dreamed big. The agency’s team members took the first step in what would become the company’s largest charitable initiative. It all stemmed from a simple desire: to give their clients a holiday gift that would stand out from the typical corporate gift.

So, the agency took the money earmarked for client gifts and bought 25 red wagons, filled each with food and distributed them throughout the community to local Columbus families in dire need.

Wagons Ho Ho Ho began with that simple mission in mind. We’ve grown since that first year. Last year, our Wagoneers donated 4,300 pounds of food to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank and built a total of 800 wagons. This year, we’ll call on the Central Ohio community to help us build and distribute 1,000 sturdy wagons – our largest initiative to date. But we’ll also fill each one with enough food to feed a family of four Christmas dinner.
and 2,400 Christmas dinners all assembled in one day. Over 600 volunteers make this possible.

How does one 501(c)3 organization mobilize a group of over 600 volunteers and inspire the Columbus community to donate enough nonperishable food to feed nearly 4,000 Ohioans in need? Powerful marketing, lean, targeted messaging, smart event marketing and word of mouth certainly play a critical role.

Marketing to the head and the heart

Wagons Ho Ho Ho is an enormous responsibility, and without the support of our volunteers and the Mid-Ohio Foodbank, it wouldn’t be possible. With strategic and targeted marketing efforts, our grassroots initiatives have fostered a giving and selfless community that has made Wagons Ho Ho Ho’s annual Build Day more than simply eight hours during which we assemble wagons.

Build Day is now an event that epitomizes the spirit of the holidays. It reminds volunteers that what they contribute is unique. On that day, the Mid-Ohio Foodbank turns into Santa’s workshop and strangers work side by side, working towards one goal and becoming friends in the process.

We’re proud of this accomplishment. We realize that providing a gift and a meal on Christmas is important, but what is really important to us is what each wagon represents to its recipients … hope. It’s our way of showing these children that there is a community of people who care about them during the biggest holiday of the year.

Each local radio interview, television segment, printed story and event Wagons Ho Ho Ho participates in is an opportunity to make an emotional connection with the next potential Wagoneer. While we share the harrowing facts of Ohio’s food insecurity and the daunting need of families in the area, we are also keenly aware of our story.

Marketing Wagons Ho Ho Ho as a brand has required us to approach each piece of content created as a vehicle for communicating our story, celebrating the people behind our strong but mighty nonprofit and our hopes for the future. By concentrating our media opportunities to the months leading up to the annual Build Day, we have been able to saturate the local airwaves with our story … and in return, have continued to inspire volunteers to proudly step forward and call themselves Wagoneers.

Our story:

Can a wagon really change a child’s life? We think so. And it takes just one voice to help a family know they have a supportive community of caring neighbors behind them.

Today, the face of the hunger has changed. 1 in 6 in Ohio experience food insecurity, meaning they don’t know where their next meal will come from. These are your neighbors and your co-workers. Sometimes, it is a matter of having to sacrifice dinner one day a week. It may even mean having to choose between buying food or medicine for a sick child. If they are struggling to buy food, how can they buy Christmas gifts for their children?

On Build Day this Saturday, December 3rd, we’ll once again open the doors to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank and invite over 600 hard working Wagoneers to bag food, build wagons and send each delivery off with our dedicated distribution partners. With music, plenty of food and laughter filling each corner of the room, it’s plain to see – this is a special event not only for the recipients of the wagons, but also for the builders themselves.

Wagons Ho Ho Ho has two major needs:
Donations. Wagons Ho Ho Ho is a one hundred percent volunteer-run charity. All money raised purchases wagons and food to fill those wagons. Corporate sponsorships, matching programs and, of course, individual support helps with our mission. Without the love of the Columbus community, Wagons Ho Ho Ho certainly would not be where it is today.

Food. Our hope is to fill each wagon with all the ingredients needed to feed local families in need Christmas dinner. However, the hunger doesn’t stop there. We would like to invite the community to donate to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank year-round.
Every volunteer who touches Wagons Ho Ho Ho, whether by donating food, funds or their time, is an important part of the Wagons team. Won’t you consider becoming a full-fledged Wagoneer? Visit WagonsHoHoHo.org to learn more, and help to give a child HOPE for today and the future.

RMD Honored with Prestigious National Awards


COLUMBUS, OH (August 3, 2016)RMD Advertising, an integrated advertising, brand strategy, social media and public relations agency considered to be an expert in the challenger food brand category, has been honored with two national Clarion Awards. Awarded by The Association for Women in Communication, each award highlights RMD Advertising’s excellence in clear, concise communications. The agency was awarded for both its Graeter’s National Ice Cream Day campaign in collaboration with Uber and Rudolph Foods’ annual Pork Rind Appreciation Day campaign.

Started in 1972, the Clarions honor excellence in more than 100 categories across all communications disciplines, including advertising and marketing among other categories. Amidst hundreds of submissions, RMD’s entries for Graeter’s National Ice Cream Day campaign in collaboration with Uber and Rudolph Foods’ annual Pork Rind Appreciation Day campaign were distinguished as leaders in their respective categories.

“We’re honored to have been recognized as a leader in the advertising industry,” shares Sue Reninger, Managing Partner, Brand Strategy of RMD Advertising. “Clarion recipients represent prestigious companies, both large and small, leading corporations, small businesses, and nonprofit associations and institutions. It’s exciting to be a part of such an accredited group of professionals.”

RMD’s strategic and intelligent public relations work set Graeter’s National Ice Cream Day campaign apart from like category entrants. In celebrating National Ice Cream Day, Graeter’s Ice Cream, a 145-year-old family owned and operated craft ice cream brand, collaborated with Uber in a one-day campaign across Columbus. Uber, the e-hailing car service, used their resources to transport Graeter’s Ice Cream to consumers who participated in the campaign. This initiative elevated awareness of Graeter’s Ice Cream within and outside of current markets while endearing the brand in eyes of consumers.

Rudolph Foods, the world’s largest manufacturer of pork rinds, works to celebrate Pork Rind Appreciation Day each year – an event established by Rudolph Foods in tandem with congressional support four years ago. RMD Advertising celebrated Pork Rind Appreciation Day on the biggest football day of the year, Super Bowl Sunday, in an effort to bring pig skins and pigskins together while raising awareness and funds for Mike Ditka’s Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund. Both campaign efforts accurately portrayed RMD’s excellence within the industry and led the agency to its Clarion Award wins.

Best strategies for food manufacturers looking to succeed in e-commerce

We’re always proud when industry publications approach us for our leadership thoughts regarding the food industry. It’s our passion to help our clients grow with new and creative ideas that generate sales of their product. Food Industry Executive Magazine looked to Donn Ditzhazy, Managing Partner of creative, for his input on the ever-growing e-commerce marketplace.


1. What are the best strategies for food manufacturers looking to succeed in the growing e-commerce market?

Regardless of how exemplary your e-commerce store is, it will likely go nowhere without a strategic marketing plan behind it. Fuel your online store by first outlining how you will promote your products, whether across your social media platforms with photography, digital artwork, and video, on a blog on your website, through e-marketing or with pay per click buys and ad word searches.

After you’ve begun a conversation with consumers who are interested in your e-commerce store, keep them engaged with e-marketing. This is one of the best ways to influence shoppers with news or product offers. With the tools you need to drive awareness to your store, ensure that your entire process, from cart to checkout is seamless. To do so, consistently test your site to check that it is secure, intuitive and quick to use. This also means utilizing the power of mobile.

2. What tools and technologies are most helpful?

Tapping into your website’s analytics is the most powerful tool you can use to continue growing your e-commerce business. They can pinpoint the moment in a consumer’s buying process when he or she abandoned your site. Their journey through your products pages, to the cart and to the check-out process tells a story about where they may have lost interest or been deterred in any way.

Re-marketing can help you to reach back out to these consumers with a quick email reminding them to complete their order, further increasing your chances of completing a sale that otherwise might be lost.

Website analytics can also drive repeat purchases. Put featured products or suggested products in front of consumers who have shown interest through a similar purchase, offer exclusive promotions or deliver important updates. By sending reminders to your shoppers to purchase their favorite products time after time-based off of their already-established history, you can ultimately simplify the entire user experience. Website analytics give you the power to deliver just what your shoppers want, sometimes before they know exactly how to search for it.

3. What research and resources are most important to cite?

The best way to succeed in the e-commerce market is to rely on an advertising agency. With the tools necessary to think intelligently and strategically for your business, the right team can help you to work with efficiency. A capable integrated agency will be able to strategically use SEO keywords and phrases, help to create effective deals and promotions and make the user experience a pleasant one, all while organizing your e-marketing community to keep shoppers coming back for more.

Donn’s passion for food began while growing up in the culturally diverse city of Detroit. Experiencing the wonderful flavors of the city taught him that there’s more to life than the same old same old. Today, Donn takes that same approach with the creative direction of the agency.

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