And the Mojo Award goes to ….

Each week, RMD Advertising honors a team member that has gone beyond the ‘call of duty’ – whether that’s uncovering a solution to a stubborn client service issue, a charitable act or simply a nice gesture toward another team member. This prestigious award is called the Mojo Award and it’s given during our Friday morning team meeting.

The big prize? The all powerful cup of coffee. I know what you may be thinking, a Starbucks card is no big deal. But it’s not just the hot cup of java that we’re giving … it’s the public attitude of gratitude for a being a great member of our team. This is something RMD is proud to be built upon.

RMDMojoAnd to that we say, that cup of coffee smells a lot like success. Congratulations Amanda for digging into SEO at yet ANOTHER level, asking critical questions and leading us to think in a whole new direction. You’re our Week 3 winner!
Donn Ditzhazy, Executive Director

Happy National Popcorn Day!

January 19 is a very special day. Not only is it forever a day that we can spend a few moments remembering and respecting Dr. Martin Luther King … but it is also National Popcorn Day!
This year, we celebrated with one of our tastiest snack food clients: Gaslamp Popcorn. We blew up the social space, the air space and the shelf space with lots and lots and lots of tasty love being showcased throughout California. Oh happy day, Gaslamp! We love you!

A Very Merry Bowling Day

For the past 10 years we’ve been holding our annual holiday party at a bowling alley. In fact, back in the day it was easy to get reservations because no one would dare go to a dirty bowling alley for their holiday party – no less eat bowling alley food (the horrors).

But like many things in the world, attitudes change and corporations thinks it’s oh, so kitschy and unusual to do this “common blue collar sport”. Today, it’s the hottest fad in holiday partying. The question is, why do we continue to do it? Well, because it’s us … An ad agency that believes traditions are worth holding on to.

It’s not the quality of the bowler that counts, to us, it’s the quality of a conversation, laughs and good spirited team cheer. Just like the work ethic we bring to our client campaigns .. try your damnedest to get a strike while supporting those gutter balls. Although our bowling is less than spectacular, we think our team is pretty amazing.

Resolving to Be Well Read

As 2014 comes to a close, we reflect on all that we’ve learned and all that we’ve read throughout the year. After wading through piles of paper, filling our heads with morsels of information on the food business, the agency industry and marketing strategies, we also made time to read a few great books. Some we read twice!

At the same time, we also pushed through a few books that, in our opinion, weren’t worth the read. Here’s our annual “Best Of” list. Hope a few make their way to your must read list. Enjoy!

Books We Couldn’t Live Without
1. Building Relationships that Last a Lifetime (Ron Rice)
2. Business Ground Rules (Tony Jeary and Peter Thomas)
3. The Little Big Things (Tom Peters)
4. Leadership and the Art of the Struggle (Steven Snyder)
5. Pitch Perfect (Bill McGowan)
6. Die Empty (Todd Henry)
7. The Myths of Creativity (David Burkus)


Books We Could Have Passed On
1. Mistakes I Made at Work (Jessica Bacal)
2. David and Goliath (Malcolm Gladwell)
3. Idea Agent (Lina M. Echeverria)
4. Delivering Happiness (Tony Hsieh)

The Longest Good-bye

Alzheimer’s is the 6th leading cause of death in the U.S. To put this startling figure into perspective, it kills more than breast and prostate cancer combined! However, for the 5 million living with Alzheimer’s, life is anything but.

Imagine the daily bouts of confusion that turn into “forgetful spells” that snowball into … a diagnosis, as it is made every 67 seconds. Imagine watching this happen to someone you love. Now consider this: Of the one in three seniors to die with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia this year, two-thirds of them will be women. As a matter of fact, women in their sixties are two times as likely to develop Alzheimer’s Disease as they are to develop breast cancer. So our question is, why hasn’t this heart-breaking epidemic gained just as much momentum?

Could it be that there’s less passion behind the desire to find a cure? Have not enough caregivers witnessed its debilitating symptoms? There are millions effected that would whole-heartedly disagree. Could it simply be that Americans tend to be less educated about Alzheimer’s Disease? Perhaps there’s a disconnect between hearing the horror stories and actually experiencing them for yourself? Possibly.

We believe that Marketing Professionals are an important part of our mission to #EndALZ. You have a purposeful voice. You have the ability to touch millions with your words. You can be an advocate for those paralyzed by the frightening and far-reaching effects of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Walk to End Alz in Central Ohioblog

Once you make the decision to join us in spreading these facts, you’ve made an incredibly important decision, but there are three more simple ways you can help:

Educate yourself about the disease. Remember, knowledge is power.

• Visit the Alzheimer’s Association’s website and sign the pledge asking Congress to support the fight to end Alzheimer’s.

Take our message to your Write to your local paper or other influential voices in your community. You may even think about writing to Congress. Join the Alzheimer’s Association Junior Committee or volunteer locally. Can you spread the word by asking your employer to get involved? Or by working us into your clients’ campaigns? Never underestimate how far a little heart will take you!

• For more information, contact us now with your ideas at: 312.335.8700

Consider the impact your words can make behind a cause such as the Alzheimer’s Association’s. This truly is an epidemic and one person can make all the difference.

Will it be you?

Popeye-Strong Muscles
Brand power comes alive for the NFL and a Foodbank

RMD-PopeyeSpinach-NFLNetworkAt RMD Advertising, we love it when we secure national media exposure for our food clients.  But, we love it even more when we can tie this hard work into something that benefits those in need even more.  That kind of exposure fulfills our purpose.

Recently, we secured a full 5 minutes on-air with the NFL Network, highlighting Sager’s Creek’s beloved, nostalgic brand, Popeye Spinach.  As the NFL team spoke about “being spinach strong” during football highlights, our client brand, Popeye Spinach, enjoyed some well-deserved limelight. 
But we didn’t stop there.

Popeye donating to LA Foodbank

The Public Relations team at RMD Advertising embraced this as an opportunity to help others.  After the segment was completed, media impressions added up and advertising equivalencies skyrocketed, we helped donate more than 400 cans of this delicious Popeye Spinach superfood to the Los Angeles Food Bank.

We call this being strong for the brands we serve … and for those in need.  Take a look at why we are so proud of Team RMD … rockstar efforts and achievements every day.



Columbus Food Agency
Gets a Taste of Italian

Fazoli’s Snacks entrusts food brand expert RMD Advertising with new frozen product line.
RMD Advertising, a fully integrated advertising, public relations and brand strategy agency, focusing exclusively on growing and emerging food brands, announces the addition of Fazoli’s Snacks to its list of established food clients. Fazoli’s Snacks offers consumers a variety of fast, fun, Italian style frozen appetizers. RMD Advertising will provide Fazoli’s Snacks strategic counsel through an increased focus on public relations, digital marketing and social media to enhance sales and brand awareness.


Serving America premium quality Italian food, fast, fresh and friendly for more than 20 years in more than 217 restaurants in 26 states, Fazoli’s brings the party into the home with a lineup of delicious and unique Italian style frozen appetizers and frozen snacks including: Chicken Alfredo Flatbread, Parmesan Boneless Chicken, Mozzarella Stuffed Mini Breadsticks, Six Cheese Toasted Ravioli and Lasagna Fritta. Frozen quickly to preserve great flavor, Fazoli’s appetizers bring fast, fun Italian style into homes across the Midwest through the convenience of the frozen aisle.

“Fazoli’s Snacks takes the same great-tasting Italian cooked up in the restaurant and brings it inside the home of the consumer,” said Sue Reninger, Managing Partner and Brand Strategist of RMD Advertising. “The freezer aisle is home to some great food and we’re excited to help consumers fall in love with this delicious brand.”

Paleo and Gluten Free Muffins Leader Selects Ohio Food Advertising Agency

Mikey’s Muffins turns to food brand expert RMD Advertising for
continued growth.

RMD Advertising, a fully integrated advertising, public relations and brand strategy agency, focusing exclusively on growing and emerging food brands, announces the addition of Mikey’s Muffins to its list of established clients. Mikey’s Muffins, a low calorie, Paleo-friendly muffin product meets consumers with an allergen free way to reintroduce a clean bread product to their diet. Mikey’s Muffins will rely on RMD’s strategic counsel through an increased focus on public relations to enhance sales and brand awareness.

Mikey's MuffinsOut of an increasing demand to meet the needs of the consumer with dietary restrictions and those choosing to eat clean, Mikey’s Muffins created a tasteful English muffin to fill the needs of consumers. Mikey’s Muffins are Paleo friendly, low calorie, gluten free, dairy free, soy free and grain free. Simplicity and clean eating is the driving force behind Mikey’s Muffins and is reflected
in their six ingredients, one muffin product.

“Mikey’s Muffins meets the needs of a growing number of consumers looking for good tasting products with a clean label and sensitive to dietary restrictions,” said Sue Reninger, Managing Partner and Brand Strategist of RMD Advertising. “We are excited to add this client to our array of amazing food clients, and look forward to working with their passionate team to continue to fuel their growth.”

The Piping Gourmets Selects Ohio Food Advertising Agency

The Piping Gourmets turns to food brand expert RMD Advertising for continued growth and public relation expertise.

RMD Advertising, a fully integrated advertising, public relations and brand strategy agency, focusing exclusively on growing and emerging food brands, announces the addition of The Piping Gourmets to its list of established food clients. The Piping Gourmets will rely on RMD’s strategic counsel to enhance sales and awareness for its nationally recognized brand through public relations.

Whoopie PieThe Piping Gourmets offers a line of all natural, Whoopie Pie desserts to provide healthier dessert alternatives to meet the needs of conscious consumers. The Whoopie Pie is offered in a variety of six flavors and is gluten-free, Kosher-Pareve, vegan, non-GMO certified, dairy-free, and egg free. The Piping Gourmets was created by co-founders Leslie Kaplan and Carolyn Shulevitz and launched in 2011 to fill the growing demand of consumers for health conscious desserts.

“The Piping Gourmets offers dietary and health-conscious consumers a tasteful, all natural dessert and to address the need of people that have a food intolerance,” said Sue Reninger, Managing Partner and Brand Strategist of RMD Advertising. “They’re such a delicious way for consumers to be allergy free, so we’re proud to add The Piping Gourmets to our roster of amazing food clients, and to work with them to continue to grow their brand in the homes across the nation.”

The Inner Thoughts of a First Time RMDer.

Music, relaxing workspaces, creative rooms, stress relieving dogs and hard working people. All of these things I quickly realized are prevalent throughout RMD everyday. Without previous experience working in an advertising agency, I wasn’t sure what to expect. From an outsider prospective, knowing what goes into the production of a TV show, a radio segment, all social media, and how public relations work, are all things that are not commonly known. At RMD Advertising, you jump right in and I was able to see how a food brand becomes successful through each of these outlets; from the bottom, up.

Learning how a food agency works from the ground up, while working around people at each stage, has led to nothing but success. As the saying goes, “it takes a village”… I have found this adage to be at the heart of RMD. It takes many moving parts and a lot of love to maintain this well-oiled machine we call a food agency. Each person at RMD is very knowledgeable on several aspects of brand strategy, which contributes to this agency’s continued success. The extreme dedication and creativity that goes on inside these workspaces are something that I am very glad to be able to experience.

It is sometimes rare to find a work environment where you truly feel valued, where you know all of your hard work is appreciated and where you are excited to go to everyday. RMD is that rare place. It’s a place where you really can have all of these desired aspects. I have learned so much throughout my seven weeks here and I am excited to see what lies ahead throughout the rest of my internship.

It’s hard to put a number on all of the things that I have learned so far through my time here at RMD, but below are 3 important notes that have stuck.

1. Lean on your team – every person here is willing to help, and wants to see you succeed. I have always been able to go to a team member for anything, such as: support, explanation, encouragement, etc.

2. Take notes – this is crucial with all of the things going on everyday. Not every day is the same, so it is important to understand each piece of work and have something to reference.

3. Believe in the brands – RMD is an agency that truly cares about their clients and its growing and emerging food brands. It is important to understand the history of each and to have a vision for their growth. It is amazing to see, from the ground up, the transition of ideas from creation to completion. There is nothing better than refreshing the browser and seeing content…that I helped create appear for the public to see.

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